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Maintaining a Pool Requires Three Things to keep it Balanced and Safe
  1. Circulation
  2. Filtration
  3. Water Chemistry
In general, the more you circulate combined with better filtering, the less chemicals you use resulting in better water quality. Until now there were only three options for swimming pool filters. Each with different ranges of filter ability and filter maintenance.
  1. DE Filter being the best at filtering but one of the highest cost of maintenance. A DE Filter means you use less chemicals but spend more on filter repair and service.
  2. Cartridge Filter Does Not filter as well as a DE Filter. However, the cost of maintenance and repair are less. But, you still spend more on chemicals because it doesn't filter as well.
  3. Sand Filter offers the least amount of filtration, Therefore more energy spent on running your pump and more money spent on chemicals added to the water. However, Sand Filters are the least expensive to maintain and clean. 
***New Option of Installing Glass Media into a Sand Filter***
Glass Media filters as well as a DE Filter with the least expense
It's the Best of All filtering options with the Most Economical and
Environmental Solution.
Use the Least Amount of Power and Chemicals
Get the Best Water Quality
Have the Least Maintenance 
(Installed price $2300 in most applications)