Easy Weekly Pool Service

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Weekly chemical and brushing service for your swimming pool

If your constantly on the go, out of town on business, new to pool ownership or unsure of how to properly maintain your pool this weekly plan is just the fit for your schedule.


Service plan includes:.

      *. Test pool water for PH, alkalinity, chlorine, monitor pool equipment
      *. Chemically treat water with required pool chemicals (i.e. chlorine, stain & scale control and acid), based on test results
      *. Backwash DE & sand filters/clean cartridge filters (as needed)
      *. Clean pump baskets and skimmer baskets
      *. Vacuum and/or brush: pool, walls, and floor
      *. Skim water surface Monthly Price for 48 visits per year
        1. $ 0.00 Start Up Fee
        2. $ 199.00 Monthly service fee (48 visits a year)
        3. $ 16.42 Tax (8.25%)
        4. $ 215.42 Total Due to Start Service Termination of this contract requires 30 day written notice

    *We Need Your Assistance With The Following:

     Keeping water level maintained. We are not responsible for adding water to the pool

    (If you supply a water timer device, you may request your route person turn it on
    for you.)

    Emptying of skimmer baskets between routine visits during leaf dropping seasons.

    (Ensures proper water circulation and filtration of pool water)