Reverse Osmosis

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Have you ever been told the only solution to your pool water chemistry problem is to DRAIN YOUR POOL? With our Reverse Osmosis Technology, you'll NEVER HAVE TO DRAIN YOUR POOL AGAIN! We guarantee that we can remove any dissolved chemical or material from your water giving you perfectly balanced pool water that will

1) Feel Great!

2) Use Less Chemicals

3) Protect your Pool Finish and Equipment

4) Conserve Water!

On average customers that have benefited from our treatment have saved $300 to $400 per year on chemicals and maintenance, while being kind too and protecting the environment. By conserving one of our most precious and limited resources. WATER! 


For the past 8 months, my pool has had a horrible algae problem. I had tried all the phosphate treatments and keeping my chlorine levels high, recommended by other pool companies, without success. I could dump in 3 gallons of liquid chlorine and while the total chlorine would rise, the free chlorine remained low. Jeff from Easy Pools came out and let me know that by reducing my cyanuric acid levels, I could get a lot more sanitizing power and use significantly less chlorine. Somehow my CYA levels had risen above 250ppm, and traditionally the only way to reduce the CYA was to drain and refill the pool. Rick and Jeff from Easy pool presented me with a new option to reduce the CYA while preserving up to 90% of my pool water. Reverse Osmosis. The same process used to make purified drinking water was available for my pool.
Since I didn't feel right about putting 60K liters of water down the drain and have to refill, I agreed to let Easy Pools RO filter & recycle my water. So far, it's the best decision I made. My total and free chlorine match up much more evenly, the water is less buoyant due to the reduction of dissolved solids (Think about Salt Lake), and equally important, the amount of chemicals I need to add to the water to keep it balanced was significantly reduced. I went from a CYA reading of over 250ppm to just under 30ppm.
The relationship between excessively high CYA and algae problems doesn't seem to be heavily accepted amongst the pool service companies because they want to sell you even more chemicals to dump in your pool. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Easy Pools didn't subscribe to this methodology. They helped solve the underlying problem, which was unbalanced water. The algae was merely a side effect of years of adding stabilizers and other chemicals to get the water "right".
I highly recommend the reverse osmosis treatment on any pool, especially here in Texas where CYA is prevalent and water is a precious commodity. Anyone who wants to recycle their pool water rather than dump and refill should reach out to Easy Pool for the RO Service. Not only will your water be more pure than drain and fill, you will be doing something great for the environment. Once completed, let their experts keep your pool perfectly balanced between filtering treatments.
Thanks Again,
Ben Mayes