Mastering Pool Chemistry: The Role of Muriatic Acid in pH Balance and Water Maintenance

Mastering Pool Chemistry: The Role of Muriatic Acid in pH Balance and Water Maintenance

Muriatic Acid is a highly potent chemical that is commonly used by homeowners. But what does muriatic acid do in a pool? Let’s dive into the role of muriatic acid in your swimming pool.

What is Muriatic Acid?
Muriatic acid is a strong and corrosive acid that is a diluted solution of hydrochloric acid (HCl).

What Does Muriatic Acid Do in a Pool?

Adjusts pH Balance: It’s important to keep the pH levels in your swimming pools water balanced. When the pH level of your water rises above the desired range, adding muriatic acid to the water helps to lower it. It does this by increasing the hydrogen ion concentration in the water, resulting in lower alkalinity. This chemical reaction not only adjusts the pH but also helps control total alkalinity, which is important for maintaining water stability.

Maintain Water Quality: Muriatic acid is also used to ensure the overall health and cleanliness of water in your swimming pool. If your pool's pH levels get too high it becomes too alkaline, reducing the effectiveness of chlorine, the chemical that kills pathogens. By lowering pH, you are increasing your pool's overall ability to keep itself clean. Muriatic acid also removes tough stains and calcium deposits from your pool's surface, keeping it looking clean and inviting.

You can use a muriatic acid pool calculator to determine how much muriatic acid to lower pH in pool, but a good rule of thumb is one quart of muriatic acid per 10,000 gallons of water.

Muriatic acid is essential to adjusting your swimming pools pH levels and maintaining water quality. It also helps control total alkalinity to prevent drastic changes in pH levels to maintain a stable swimming environment.

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