Maximize Pool Fun and Safety: The Essential Role of Pool Monitors

Maximize Pool Fun and Safety: The Essential Role of Pool Monitors

There are many benefits to owning a pool, one of them being the very fact that you have your own oasis that’s only a few steps away. However, such a luxury requires a fair deal of care and maintenance. With the biggest one being regular testing of the water chemistry, and not everyone has the time or ability to do that. That’s where a smart pool monitor system comes in.

In this blog, we are going to go over the role of a pool monitor and why it would be beneficial to get one for your pool.

What is a Pool Monitor?
A pool water monitoring system is a tool that sits in the water of your pool and takes different measurements, such as pH balance, chlorine, temperature, and more. Smart pool monitors have the ability to wirelessly connect to your phone and send you alerts when a measurement gets out of range.

Ensures Safe Swimming Conditions
Pool monitors are equipped with lots of different sensors with the primary role of keeping tabs on various parameters of your pool. Many factors can throw off your pool's water chemistry such as sun exposure, swimmers introducing contaminants like body oils and sunscreen, and more. If your pool becomes too unbalanced, it can directly impact the safety and comfort of swimmers. For instance, improper pH and chlorine levels can cause harmful bacteria and algae to grow. This puts swimmers at risk for illnesses, infections, and irritation. A pool monitor will alert you when these parameters become off balance so you can tend to it and prevent health hazards.

Helps Prevent Damage to Your Pool
Beyond the health of swimmers, a pool water monitoring system also plays an important role in preventing unnecessary deterioration of the pool itself. Take chlorine for example, although it is good for cleaning your pool, too much of it can degrade seals and gaskets found in your pool's system. The ability to take action immediately when water chemistry is off aids in the pool's longevity. Immediate care like that will also save you money on repairs and replacements in the long run.

Optimized Care
It’s difficult to know how much chemicals to pour into your pool. If you add too much of a certain chemical, you risk irritating the skin and eyes of swimmers. On the other hand, not adding enough might make it difficult to fully sterilize your pool's water. Additionally, you won’t even know when to do that unless you go out and test the water yourself. Rather than worrying about those factors, a pool monitor system will do it for you and let you know how much to add, and when. This gives you peace of mind so you don’t have to constantly think about doing those tasks.

Overall, a pool water monitor provides you with an easy way to ensure your pool's water chemistry is always balanced. In addition to that, it lets you know that your pool is ready to be used for fun and relaxation, or corrected when things get a little off. Check out our shop by clicking here to see the complete pool care monitor we have in stock.

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