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Easy Gold Club

Easy Gold Club

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This is perfect for the "Do It Yourself" homeowner who doesn't mind taking care of the weekly maintenance on their pool, but would like the occasional expert advise and assistance from a trained professional. With This Preventative Maintenance Program we will visit your pool twice a year and conduct a complete and professional inspection of your pool and equipment. If any troubleshooting is required, that will be provided at no charge. If any repairs are required on your pool at any time while you are covered by our preventative maintenance program, you will automatically receive a


  •  Check Chemistry – not adjusted
  • Inspection of Plaster and Grout
  • Test Run all Equipment
  • Test Pool Lights and GFCI
  • Check Suction Outlets
  • Check Automatic Cleaners
  • Inspect and Lube all O-rings
  • Inspect Check Valves
  • Energy Audit
  • Replace Battery Backup
  • 15% discount on all repairs.
  •  For the Low cost of $12.99 monthly
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