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Orenda SC1000

Orenda SC1000

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SC-1000 Scale & Metal Control

Award-winning, environmentally friendly control of metal staining and carbonate scale. Great for use on startups for new pools, or just refilling them.

There is a reason SC-1000 is a favorite product of pool builders and service techs. It is a professional-grade metal sequester that can help prevent stains from copper, iron, etc. It also works to dissolve carbonate scale, and protect plaster. The best part of SC-1000 is that it is non-phosphate based, unlike most metal control products available today. This is special because those same products would directly conflict with phosphate removal efforts…but SC-1000 does not. Combined with Orenda’s PR-10,000 phosphate remover, the two products work in harmony.

When applied as directed, SC-1000 controls metal staining and carbonate scale while being fully compatible with the materials of pool & spa construction and other treatment chemicals.

SC-1000′s formulation was awarded the Environmental Protection Agency’s Presidential Green Chemistry Award for its implementation of environment-friendly chemical technology.

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